Denver Colorado Property Tax Attorney Downey & Associates personalpropertytaxIf you own a business, you are required to file a personal property declaration with the county every year. Failing to do this may likely cause the valuation of your business property to be inaccurate. In this situation the county assessor will assign a value based on the best information available, often resulting in a value much higher than the property’s worth.

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Appealing Property Tax Assessments

No later than June 15 of each year, the assessor is required to mail to each person owning taxable personal property a notice setting forth the value assigned to such property. If you disagree with the personal property value assigned by the assessor, you have the right to file a protest with the county assessor’s office. The county assessor will review the protest. If the protest is denied, you can petition the County Board of Equalization for an appeal. After a hearing, the board will issue a decision. If the board’s decision is unacceptable, you can pursue your third level of appeal by filing a petition with the Board of Assessment Appeals, filing a civil complaint in district court or submitting the dispute to binding arbitration.

If you need to appeal a personal property tax valuation, make sure you have an experienced property tax lawyer at your side. With more than 30 years of experience in property tax law, Tom Downey has worked with many elected local tax assessors and their staff appraisers. He is extremely knowledgeable in this specialized area of the law.

If you have missed the deadline for filing a protest, you may still have the ability to file abatement. Contact us to learn more about your options.

Littleton Personal Property Tax Appeal Attorney

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