Denver Colorado Property Tax Attorney Downey & Associates eminentdomaincondemnationUnder power of eminent domain, the State of Colorado, home rule municipalities and many other governmental entities and districts have the power to acquire your land for public projects. At Downey & Associates, PC, our extensive experience in the valuation of real property assists us in representing land owners faced with a valuation dispute in connection with an eminent domain project.

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The eminent domain process can only be stopped if the condemning authority does not have the legal authority to condemn or if the proposed taking is not for a public use or purpose. Assuming these two threshold requirements are met, the issue becomes what is the proper amount of compensation to be paid to the person whose land is being taken. Colorado law requires that you be paid just compensation. Just compensation may include:

  • Reasonable market value of the property
  • Damages to the remainder of the land (i.e., if the government takes half your land and you can no longer operate the remaining land because of the taking)

We protect property owners from government taking of property without fair compensation. We understand how devastating the loss of your land can be, and we work hard to make sure that you are compensated fairly for your loss.

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