Denver Colorado Property Tax Attorney Downey & Associates abatementsrefundsThe abatement and refund remedy is available to a taxpayer who believes that his property “taxes have been levied erroneously or illegally, whether due to erroneous valuation for assessment, irregularity in levying, clerical error, or overvaluation…” The abatement process is often used to appeal tax assessments when the property owner has missed the deadline for the protesting the assessor’s Notice of Valuation. In the abatement process, a property owner may file an abatement petition with the county to officially request either an abatement of taxes due or a refund of taxes paid.

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Filing an Abatement and Refund Petition

You may file a petition for an abatement or refund of taxes with the Board of County Commissioners within two years after January 1 of the year following the year in which the taxes were levied.

The Board of County Commissioners will send your petition to the county assessor’s office for review and recommendation. Thereafter the board will schedule the petition for a hearing and will issue its determination after the hearing. If the board’s decision is unacceptable, you appeal the decision to the State Board of Assessment Appeals.

This is a complicated process that requires the experience of a knowledgeable property tax attorney. With more than 30 years of experience in property tax law, Tom Downey has worked with many of the elected local tax assessors and their staff appraisers. He has a reputation for being honest, hard-working and for getting results.

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